Progmar Marcin Załęczny

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System recovery in tablet Prestigio Multipad 2 Pro Duo 7.0 (PMP5670C_DUO)

Effects: After turning on the system Prestigio logotype appears and the booting hangs.
Fix: The operating system must be restored and all the cache must be cleared.

  1. From the webpage download the most fresh firmware file, for example:
  2. Format SD card to fat32 filesystem (do it on other android device or in windows operating system, because formatting it in Ubuntu caused the tablet wasn't able to see card).
  3. Extract downloaded file and copy to the SD card following files:
    • factory_update_param.aml,
    • uImage_recovery,
  4. Turn off the tablet and insert SD card to it.
  5. Press tablet's Vol+ button and after a while press power button (holding down Vol+ button). Wait until Prestigio logo appears and after about 2 seconds release power button (holding down Vol+ button). Then after about 5 seconds release Vol+ button. Now it should appear screen with green robot (with opened stomach) and system recovery progressbar.
  6. After system is recovered it will appear 3e loader's menu that provide options of cache clearing. Buttons Vol+ and Vol- let us moving through the menu. Power button executes selected option. Now we runs the last three items that clears all the cache.
  7. Finally we run first option to reboot the system.