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Firefox 42 compilation in Ubuntu 15.10

Sources of the newest firefox (v.42) you can find at following address:

After extracting firefox archive go into the directory containing its sources.
Next issue following commands: cd ..
mkdir ff42
cd ff42

Now you should install following tools and development libraries: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
sudo apt-get install libgconf2-dev
sudo apt-get install libdbus-glib-1-dev
sudo apt-get install yasm
sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev
sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev
sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-dev
sudo apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev
sudo apt-get install libxt-dev

Next issue comand that do a configuration tasks and creates makefile files: ../firefox-42.0/configure

Now type in make command and... wait a few hours for compilation of all programmes.

After the compilation all created binaries will be placed in the ff42/dist/bin directory (exactly symlinks to them). The firefox binary will run without any errors but all other programmes will not. They generates errors about they couldn't load shared libraries. To solve the problem create file ff42.conf in directory /etc/ Into the ff42.conf file type in the full path to the ff42/dist/bin directory, ex: /full/path/to/directory/ff42/dist/bin

And at last issue following command: sudo ldconfig From now you can cheer up and enjoy with proper working of all compiled programmes.