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Marcin Załęczny

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How to increase gold amount in tablet/smartphone version of Freeciv

Warning! For achieve our goal you have to have adb tool installed. The tool is available in android-tools-adb package, so install it: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb Additionally you have to enable USB debugging in your device. You can turn the option on in the menu:
"Settings" -> "Developer options" -> "Debugging" -> "USB Debugging".

And now come to the point:

  • Note how much gold you have in game. Save it and remeber the save file name, ex.: freeciv-T0093-Y-0175-auto.sav.gz
  • Plug your mobile device to the computer with USB cable.
  • Make sure that the device is available: adb devices You should get output something like this: List of devices attached
    PMP90533735148 device
  • Savegames are located in: /sdcard/ Copy the file from device onto the computer, ex.: adb pull /sdcard/ ~/freeciv-T0093-Y-0175-auto.sav.gz
  • Freeciv savegames are usual text files that are compressed with gzip command. So uncompress the file: gunzip freeciv-T0093-Y-0175-auto.sav.gz Next open uncompressed file in your favorite text aditor, ex. in geany and find a line as following: gold=YOUR_NOTED_GOLD_AMOUNT It should be somewhere in section [player0]. Change it to: gold=NEW_INCREASED_GOLD_AMOUNT Save the file.
  • Last you should compress the file: gzip freeciv-T0093-Y-0175-auto.sav and send it to the device like this: adb push freeciv-T0093-Y-0175-auto.sav.gz /sdcard/
  • Now you can run the game, load modified savegame file and be happy with additional gold amount.