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Rpm manager in a nutshell

Prints information about package's state and its short description: rpm -qpi package_name

Displays files in the package: rpm -qpl package_name

Prints installation and uninstallation scripts in the specified package: rpm -qp --scripts package_name

Verification of the credentials' information: rpm --checksig package_name

Displays list of the required packages and theirs versions for the specified package: rpm -qp --requires package_name

Displays list of all installed packages: rpm -qa

Displays a package which specifed file belongs to: rpm -qf file_name

Displays version number of currently installed package (specified without version number and architecture): rpm -q basic_package_name for instance: rpm -q zip

Extracts specified rpm package to the current directory: rpm2cpio package_name.rpm | cpio -id --no-absolute-filenames